Jewelry: From Babe to Bride
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As she raised her arm to adjust the veil, the sleeve of her silken gown drooped down. The beautiful bride paused and glanced at the stunning tennis bracelet that hugged her wrist. Her grandmother had given it to her when she was just a baby.

And while the bracelet had been there as long as she could remember, it had never meant to her what it meant now. She wondered what one might mean to her own daughter if she could give her the same chance to grow up with a piece of jewelry.

From Babe to Bride offers just that…a line of jewelry designed especially for your little princess that she’ll be able to wear from the time she is born and for the rest of her life. All pieces are made to your specifications and, when necessary, adjusted to fit your precious one’s evolving physical and fashion needs.

We are proud to feature here our favorite sets, commissioned by clients who wished to complement the most important events of their loved one’s lives with jewelry that would endure and accommodate so much more than that.