Jewelry: Haute Havanese
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A gentle tropical breeze whispered through the palms – a subtle response to the call of waves crashing in the distance. The parrots cawed amidst the orchids. Sweet wafts of coffee and cigar mingled in the street and were quickly carried away by insolent trade winds.

Through the veranda windows of a grand mansion, one could see the lady of the house preparing herself for that night’s ball. French perfume graced her ears and neck, a layer of Spanish lace lay gently over her bodice, and of course…her best jewelry shone brightly, dancing in the fading Caribbean sun.

The sapphire ring given her by that mustachioed tobacco baron, the ruby earrings which that sugar magnate had had made for her…She would surely be the envy of all women at the dance and the object of all their husbands’ affection.

Become a lady of intrigue sans the intrigue. Transport yourself to another era and sensibility with Haute Havanese, jewelry made in the image of those masterpieces from the golden age of pre-Castro Cuba. The unique pieces shown here were fabricated by the finest Cuban jewelers in exile with direct input from clients who wanted to travel back in time and style, to a place they had either never been or could never return.