Jewelry: Inspirati
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She didn’t know what to make of the small wooden box he had laid before her. The months and weeks before that night had been filled with the doldrums of her day-to-day routine. And recently, they had only spent minutes together. But tonight, he had surprised her with flowers, a romantic dinner, and now this mysterious box…

Truly, she had never seen anything else like it, but it was just her – bold yet delicate, brilliant yet subtle. The stunning diamond brooch that lay inside was so much like the figures she had encountered in her recurring dreams…How did he know? How did he even go about finding such a strange design? Where did he find such a strange designer?

Here at I.M.D. we thrive on your input and enthusiasm. That’s why custom pieces like those below can be made to oblige your most specific directions or most whimsical fancies. Whatever your idea, we can help you make it a reality.

Capture you most evanescent inspirations with a little bit of help. Realize the jewelry of your loved one’s dreams with Inspirati. Inspire us…Your imagination is our only boundary.